5 Motivational Tips to Train Your Brain to Hate Junk Food

1. Understand Your Own Psyche

There is nothing more important than understanding your own thought process and vices. You are the best judge of you, which means that nobody other than yourself will know what it is that you crave the most. Is it sugar that you are addicted to or fast food items? Fries or shakes? Once you have the answer to this question, keeping your eyes and mind away from these things will become less complicated.

2. Creating a Game Plan to Hate Junk

A game plan always works no matter what kind of action you intend to enforce in your life. The thing is when you already have an idea in mind, you tend to follow it instead of going about doing anything random. So what should be your eating scheme that helps in staying far away from junk and processed food?

Start by shopping for healthy foods from the grocery store with a list. Having a list will help you in keeping away from junk foods like deli meats, store bought doughnuts and such. Also, bear in mind that grocery stores are too laid out in a manner that will force you into buying more than you intend and need in the first place.


3. Actionable Intent to Stop Eating Junk

 The plan is useless until and unless there is some proper action involved. Don’t think that the healthy food will arrive at your doorstep and cook itself. You will have to make a move to get the situation going. Get rid of all the items that are either in the kitchen or in the fridge that can be called junk. Also, dispose of your secret stash.


4. Chew More Eat Less

 Did you know that if you take time in eating, you are likely to eat less? Even if it is junk food that you are holding? It’s true, according to science. The time you spend chewing the food is going to elongate the total number of minutes you eat. As per research, 20 minutes from the time you begin eating your stomach gives a signal of fullnes

5. Pay Attention to Colors and Environment

 You may have noticed that McDonald’s uses red and yellow. These colors along with orange are the ones that spark up hunger and gives you queues to eat more. Hence the reason why most eateries prefer having these colors in their decor schemes.

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