Avoid these 5 things during your Weight loss journey

Losing Weight is Not easy for everyone. When i was on my Weight loss journey .i used to exercised daily but My Diet is not good. so i Starting to avoid these 5 things and it's give me very good results. According to a Research when we do a particular task daily It's become our habit. and it's developed your healthy Lifestyle.

so Now let's begin...

1. Noodles: First and the very important thing to avoid in your weight loss journey is noodles. Noodles is something that has specifical spices that's Addictive.These spices that is used is in this particular product is very very Unhealthy.it's made up of Refined wheat Flour . so first you need to avoid Noodles.

2.Alcohol:  Alcohol Does nothing good to your body. it's very dangerous for you health . So if you're consuming Alcohol you need to avoid these for your weight loss journey.Alcohol increased your appetite and also your impulsivity.and because that you're consume more calories. instead of burning fat.

3.table salt: Table salt is regular salt that we're add in our food while it's prepare is not that dangerous . but if you're a someone who has a habit to add more salt just to make your food tasty at your table. you must know to salt needs to water retention to your body. your fat tissues can swells that your body retains water and leads to obesity.and also your bones intensity diprest.if you really want to add more salt go with "pink salt" .  pink salt has metabolism ,promotes good health with 80+ Minerals. Use pink salt as you really like to add more salt in your food.  

4.Sugar: All whites are dangerous and if it's processed it's act like a poison to your body. Sugar been one of those whites which is processed and acts like a slow poison to your body.Having processed sugar is not good for body . sugar is addictive as well many people don't know that. when you're consume sugar. the craving that you get is because of it Addictive effect that it has. So you Really want to lose weight avoid processed Sugar completely from you diet. and if you want to have something sweet you can go for Natural things are available Such as , Fruit , Honey , and jaggery(gur) . 

5.Flour : So the last and very important to avoid is Refined Flour. Flour is again processed white that you should avoid and it's also act like a slow poison to your body. actually it's block your digestive system badly.also it's raises you blood pressure and, sugar Level .Because it has High Glucose level as it is not digestible it retain fat in your body as a result you gain weight. Any thing which is made up of Flour it's gain your weight. and it's act like slow poison to your body. if you Really want to have it you can Swap up with , whole grain flour , Multi Grain flour and Oats and many other high fiber Healthier option.

So now it's time to challange yourself and adopt a Healthy Lifestyle. Be fit Be Healthy.

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