Fantastic Benefits of Mustard Oil. you have never heard of it before.

So now i'm going to reveal the secret. You must have known and heard many benefits of mustard oil . But today you will be told such benefits that you will be surprised to know. You must have heard about the benefits of mustard oil from the mouth of the elder of the house.

Mustard oil is used in almost every household in Mostly in asian countries. It is used in everything from massaging to cooking.Mustard oil can solve your many health issues,  this oil contains betacarotene, iron, fatty acids, calcium and magnesium, which benefit the body.If it is applied in the head, navel and feet before sleeping, then you will get many benefits from it. Many health problems will also be removed by this. Let's know about them.

Apply mustard oil on the head

Applying mustard oil to the head before going to bed at night relieves stress. This makes the hair black and strong.

Mustard oil applied on navel

Applying mustard oil on the navel before sleeping, it keeps away the problem of lip eruption as well as makes the lips look beautiful. Apart from this, applying mustard oil on the navel also eliminates stomach pain and problem of digestion.

Apply oil on soles of feet

If you massage on the soles of the feet with mustard oil before going to bed every night, then the eyes light up. If you do not sleep well then this recipe is best for you. 

Apply oil on injury :

if the long term injury is not healing. Apply mustard oil  there.By applying oil for a few days, it will dry up and start healing. Mustard oil has antibacterial property which works to cure injury.

When you start using it, it will solve your health issues.and will surpised you.

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