Laxative for the abdomen: Foods that fight constipation naturally

Laxative for the abdomen: Foods that fight constipation naturally

Constipation is a troublesome problem for many people, and with many pharmaceutical and therapeutic solutions there are many alternative natural solutions that are excellent belly laxatives.

Choosing the appropriate abdominal laxative helps to resolve the problem of annoying constipation, and provides natural many appropriate natural solutions that have almost no complications and side effects.


How does a normal belly laxative work?


Laxative laxative works by helping to increase the volume of waste, and giving the suspended waste a size that helps the intestine to push and remove it by stimulating the natural and healthy bowel cramps.

This helps relieve any intestinal irritation and any sensitization in the intestine may increase the problem of constipation.

Laxative of the belly of nature

There are many natural foods that can be considered laxative to the abdomen.

1 - Shea and flax seeds

Due to the richness of Shea seeds in fiber, it is a natural solution for constipation, as it passes through the intestines in a completely undigested form, which helps to give the appropriate volume to the suspended waste to facilitate its movement.

Flaxseed also has therapeutic and laxative properties that naturally help to treat constipation and diarrhea as well.


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