How get rid of face pimples fast "naturally" (ALEO VERA PLANT)


Now a days face pimples issues to all ages and specially to teenagers.

if you want to get rid of your pimples and you have to also know about it how to pimples on face?

so basically our face effected to pimples when we dont care our skin and dont wash it out with effectives fash washes, mostly pimples pop out because of dirtyness of our face and sun burning also you have to know about it ass well which product you used for your skin because mostly skin problem and infection effected with local makeup products. first of all cares all these basic problems then we comes to our home remedy

 (Aleo Vera Gel):

Aleo vera gel to give top benefits to your skin but how?

take 2 TP of aleovera jel and but its should be fresh gel not any product kind of thing so take fresh aleo vera gel and massage with your finger with dabbing all our on your face and wash it out after 2 hours its gives you freshness and free to pimples use this 3 times in week you can also make facemask with this just you have to added 2 tp HONEY into the aleo vera gel and mix well and apply this mask with face mask brush after apply this remedy to have to take care of your skin ass well because caring is more than important to these all remedies.

so yeah this mask and gel form finally gives you flawless and clear glass skin you can see the results within 2 months but you should apply this 3 times in weeks for 2 hours and after wash it out apply ICE CUBE on your whole face and massage it becoz its gives you coolness and its tightning skin pores and removing durt and oil as well.



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