Yellow fever is a disease caused by a virus that is spread to humans through bites of an infected
mosquito. It is called 'yellow fever' because in serious cases, the skin or eyes turns yellow in colour. This is known as 'jaundice'. 
How is Yellow fever transmitted?
1. Through coming in contact with an infected person.
2. Through a mosquito bite.
_Early signs of yellow fever might include; Sudden fever, cold, back pain, muscle pain, general body pain, severe headache, nausea, and vomiting. 
_Severe symptoms include; High fever, yellow discoloration, and bleeding that might lead to shock. 
_If you hear of an outbreak of yellow fever in your area or even notice some of the signs and symptoms, please report to a health center that is very close to you.
_Here are some safety tips to prevent yellow fever virus;_
Wear long clothes that can prevent mosquito bites, get rid of water that has stayed too long in and around your environment, sleep under a long-lasting insecticide-treated net, keep all water containers covered and ensure you get vaccinated.
_The yellow fever vaccine provides protection against the virus for people traveling and those living in areas where the disease is present. 
Please visit a health center that is close to you to get vaccinated. 
It is safe and free.
These are the  source of information on Yellow fever outbreak?
1. Radio
2. Health Worker in a facility
3. Religious Leaders 
4. Community Worker 
5. Teacher
6.     U-Report
What are your trusted source of information on disease outbreaks?
1. Community worker
2. Radio
3. Health worker in a health facility
4. Teacher
5. Religious leaders 
6.     U-Report 


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