Imran Khan's Vagon wheel at UN Ground

Imran Khan is famous Pakistani ex-cricketer who lead Pakistan cricket team to win the 1992 Cricket world cup. Khan left the international cricket about 3 decades ago, but now he is more famous than any time else, as he is the prime minister of Pakistan and chairman of his political party Pakistan Tehreek-e Insaf (PTI).

On 27 September at general assembly of UN Imran Khan played a lovely innings, he came onto the crease in style and played all his shots in about 50 minutes speech. He started with climate change issue, then about Islamofobia, telling the world that Tamil Tigers started the trend of suicidal attacks and executing majority of attacks to start the trend, and suddenly turned his eye toward Narindra Modi and India. This was the most interesting part of his innings when he fired with all cylinders.

First of all he started with Kashmir issue and uncovered the Modi's drama democracy in Kashmir and exposed the cruel lockdown for nearabout 2 months and use of ballet guns and locking the youngsters in jails.

Then he talked about the RSS which is a Hindu terrorist organisation and Narindra Modi, the PM is life member of RSS. Also talked aboul Kalbhoshan Jadav, Indian spy caught in Balochistan. And also about shot down of two Indian jets.

And finally warned the world that if war starts, as Pakistan is 7 time smaller than India, then the small country Pakistan has two options, to surrender or to fight till end. And we will fight till the end. And a nuclear war will effect far away from the boundaries.

This great inning of Imran Khan is appreciated all over the country even his political rivals were not able to stop them from praising Khan. 

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