my 1st day in college

We spend ten year of life in school . by spending ten years of life the time has comes to leaves school with lots of memories and joy. school times comes to end and we have to start in new journey in college. all friend has been divided into diffrent.

My First day in college , i am very excited to go a new place and make new friends my college building is very short and good .when i enter in college teacher in asks me in which field i am then i tells him . he tells me where is my class

when i enter in the class i shocked to see my school fellow already siting there . he said sit with him then i sitting there.He was good and kind person  then we wait few times.after ome time in break when goes outside in other class i see an other school fellow of mine 

Teacher comes to classes. In all periods teachers just asks us about our biography. our names and from which school in which field we are graduate and tell us about their college shedule .

collages  not places likes schools some things diffrent there. in colleges have short period then school s

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