Shocking Photos You Have To Look At Twice


1) Eye Shadow Gone Wrong

Eye shadow can go wrong in many ways, and once it goes wrong the person really looks distorted. This person didn’t want her eye shadow to look so terrifying, but she ended up being quite horrific to look at.


2) This Girl’s Hairdo

There is definitely something wrong with this girl’s hairdo. No, it’s definitely not the sprinkles of sand in her hair, no her strands look okay and her ponytail at the back looks perfectly fine as well. Well, wait for a second….

3) Optical Illusions

Optical illusions can be fun to look at, and even more fun to decipher. This optical illusion in Paris looks wonderful and it is creative how the artist has done such a beautiful representation of the world in limited space.0004) Can’t Be Unseen               

4) Can’t Be Unseen

They say an optical illusion once seen can never be unseen. This saying is particularly true about this optical illusion as the differences in the map are hard to get out of the mind. The cat food reference is just genius.

5) Looks Dangerous

         This whole picture looks dangerous at first, but once you look into what’s happening you find out that it is actually a toy and that there is no looming danger on the child’s head. The scenery looks pretty natural by the way.





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