The Nuisance Of Splashing Water On Pedestrains During Rain By Car Drivers

I recollect when I was in Final year at the University of Lagos, I had recently completed my second semester test and chose to return home to rest for somewhat after tests. This dedicated Saturday morning, it had downpoured during the night thus I didn't see no motivation behind why I ought not return home and make the most of my end of the week. I put on one of my best garments and took off. I boarded a Danfo transport making a beeline for yaba, the street was overflowed and lamentably for me, the drivers windows were out. I plunked down magnificently at the front, on getting to WAEC busstop, a Sienna vehicle drove past on fast, sprinkling water and dousing the greater part of the travelers in the transport. Through the back windscreen of the Sienna, I could see the woman in the front seat turn back and was chuckling insanely. 


I had never felt so downcasted in my life as I felt right then and there. I figured it would never deteriorate until I got to ikeja and another slacker sprinkled water on me, I could feel the destroys work in my eyes as I pondered what I fouled up that day or on the off chance that I was cursed. 


It's been 3years now since that game changing day, heading towards Lagos island now, I saw a Honda vehicle with plate number LSR5... , zoom quick and sprinkled water on a truck pusher, the driver cherished what he did and did it again to another bystander, I felt so irate in my soul that I needed to get the plate number of the vehicle and work out this piece. 


It's terrible to the point that alot of vehicle drivers feel they have made it in this world and that Pedestrains ought to be treated with disturb during sprinkling season. This is a terrible frame of mind and we should put a stop to this. 


A debt of gratitude is in order for perusing.

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