The terrible effects of the phone on children

Dr. Martin Blank from the Department of Physiology and Physiological Wave at the University of Colombia together with about 100 other scientists around the world are pleading with the United Nations to warn of the dangers of electrical devices  words like smartphones (smart mobile phones) and Wi-Fi, especially their harm to women and children.

 Many studies have shown that radiation from mobile phones and devices such as tablets can cause cancer.  Did you know that the International Research Agency for Cancer (IARC) ranked radio frequencies (including those from mobile phones) into a group of carcinogenic agents in 2011.

 The danger of using mobile phones has been officially confirmed by the World Health Organization in 2011 that it could cause cancer.  This statement is based on the decision of a group of 31 scientists from 14 countries after reviewing the evidence that the claim is correct.

 This is a news that many people, especially the ranks of parents make startled.  Mobile phones are especially harmful to young children because their brains absorb many times more radiation than adults.

 Dr. Devra Davis, one of the most respected and experienced people on the dangers of mobile phones, said: “Each mobile phone is a two-way microwave transmitter.  The mobile industry has succeeded in struggling to use the phrase "radio frequency energy" instead of microwave radiation.  Because they know that radio frequency energy sounds more harmless.

 But radio frequency energy is another way of microwave radiation.  If people understand that they are putting a two-way microwave radiation device right next to their brain or near their genitals, they may have other thoughts. ”

 The terrible impact of mobile phones on fertility, pregnant women and children

 Dr. Devra Davis has warned that exposure to radiation from a phone can have serious health consequences: Altering DNA, changing the circulation of the brain, spinal cord injury  , affecting the ability to learn ...

 Dr. Davis also said that children's brains contain more fluid than adults and have a thinner skull, which will affect the amount of radiation absorbed, making them more vulnerable than adults.

 For teenagers who use phones since childhood, the risk of brain cancer is 4-5 times higher than other unused children.

 Meanwhile, a meta-analysis showed that exposure to low-level electromagnetic radiation from phones reduced sperm flexibility by up to 8% and sperm viability to 9%.

 What should parents do?

 1. Due to the terrible harm that mobile phones can cause to young children, scientists recommend that parents do the following:

 2. Don't let your child use a mobile phone or any wireless device.

 3. Minimize the use of mobile phones.  When the phone is on, it will constantly emit radiation, even if you do not make a call, turn off your phone if possible.

 4. Minimize or stop using other wireless devices.  Even mobile phones can be a risk.  It is best to leave the main unit at least three rooms away from you, compared to where you spend the most time, especially the bedroom.

 5. Do not use the phone in the weak wave area, because the weaker the wave, the more power the phone must use to transmit, which will generate more radiation.

 6. Avoid carrying your phone on your body, do not leave your phone under your pillow or near your head while you sleep.  Leaving the phone in a bra or breast pocket near the heart is a problem, men can put their phones in their pockets and cause infertility.

 7. The most dangerous place, if talking about radiation exposure, is about 15cm around the transmitting antenna.  So when the phone is on, do not let any part come into contact with that area.

 8. Limit the use of phones in public places because many people are very sensitive to electromagnetic fields, especially young children, they are much more fragile than us.

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