Trendy Sunglasses Of The Year 2019

Fashion is a realm of vast possibilities. And in that realm, there is a big kingdom of 'sunglasses'. Hence, it is impossible to talk about fashion without sunglasses. This year gave us some classic styles along with some funky ones. Here is the glasses trend for the year 2019.

Sheild Glasses

Just as the name suggests, they cover most part of the face. The frame of the glass carries one large protective piece instead of the bi frame.

Sporty Glasses

Would rock on the beach or somewhere athletic, hey it's not me the name suggests it. They hade a comeback with shield glasses this year. 

Extreme Bling

Looking down to the history of glasses, a jewel here of there on the frame was not something out of ordinary. What out of ordinary about this one is that the glasses are extremely decorated. The frame would be sparkly from all the jewels from it. 

Pattered Frames

Talk about fashion. If you want to opt for the funky look, go for the patterned frames that have all kind of fun and cool designs to brighten your day.

Red Frames

Red frames on the glasses were first seen in 1950s movies. The heroin would be seen wearing these fashionable glasses. Want to strive for that look back in time? Red glasses are probably the best choice.

Triangle Shaped Lenses

It's all about exploring the possibilities. Such a shape gives the futuristic approach with the touch of sophistication. 

Horizontally Slim Lenses

If on one hand big glasses like a shield and sporty glasses came into trend, the horizontally slim lense didn't let it lose the race. It's found in both, triangular and rectangular shape.

Tiny Sunglasses

Think of these glasses more on an accessory for the eyes, not something that would shield you from the sun.


Big Square Lenses

Never gets old. You can nail these glasses even without the makeup on.

Round Lenses

Of course, classics are the classics. Style your day with these glasses.

Cat Eyes

This eyewear is perfect to emphasise cheekbones and elongate the face. They simply do not disappoint us.

Heart Frames

The dope approach to sunglasses revolution. Perfect for an outgoing person.

Black Lenses

These totally conceal your eyes. Come are many different designs, the black lens is timeless.

Two-Tones Lenses

Get the reflection of spring on your face. Comes in different colour collections, two-tones lenses might be something you could strive for.


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