Water Is Our Life Blood

Water is a valuable gift of nature. All beings and plants need water for living. We require water for different purposes. We can live for few days without food. But we can't live without water. We need water for our daily activities like bathing, cooking, washing etc. In addition water is must for agricultural purposes. We don't get any food if there is no water.
But, People do not use water sparingly. People waste water. In urban areas, we can see people keep taps open. At times people do not close the taps properly. They keep the taps half open. 
huumans also pollute water inmany ways. Insecticides, weedicides and fertilizers used in large quantities in farming are some examples of ways of water pollution. Some factories release waste material into water ways.People dump garbage into waterways.
We should controlways of water pollution. We can do this by helping to keep our sources of water clean. In agriculture we should not over use chemicals. Another way of preventing water pollution is to build cleaning treatment plants in factories. If we stop throwing waste into lakes, rivers, and seas they will be clean and beautiful forever.
It's high time now that the government should impose severe laws to protect our water ways. People who pollute water ways should be punished severely. Big public awareness programs should be organized to teach the public about the value of water.

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